John and Marie, UK

It was great to see our friends again at Kasam earlier this year, and we were touched by the very warm welcome we got from everybody. There has been a huge improvement to the tidiness of the ‘village’ and enthusiastic support for Marie’s clean-up afternoon.
The extension to the older boys’ hostel has given them more opportunity for leisure activities and we were impressed by some of their table tennis skills.

The King’s school year end presentation was excellent with some extremely accomplished stage performance from students and it was good to see so many ‘Home’ children at the forefront in both sketches and academic results. – John and Marie, UK

Clyde Work, USA

My wife, Betsy, and I have been sponsors of three children and two grandmothers at the Family Village Farm over a period of about two decades and have donated money for a new oven, computers, the teacher education series as well as several undesignated gifts. We visited the farm in 1994 and brought our daughter, Janice, and her family there in 2005. When she died in 2006, she asked that, in lieu of flowers, friends donate money to the Farm which resulted in the naming of the new dining hall in her honour. As a result of her interest in the Farm, other friends and family are now sponsoring, I think it is six other children. The first child that we sponsored was Avinash Sundas who has now completed his B.S. degree in nursing and is serving at the Christian Hospital in Mongeli. With respect to the sponsorship experiences, we have been happy to get letters from the children, quarterly newsletter along with cover letters from the Sponsorship coordinators. The children’s letters always tell us about some of the things they have done. My God bless you and those you serve. – Clyde Work, USA

Olmsted Community Church in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, USA

Olmsted Community Church in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, USA began its sponsorship of Devi November 2003. We’ve enjoyed watching her grow from a toddler into a beautiful young lady. We eagerly look forward to letters from her, news about her and, of course, pictures. Our pastor, Rev. Ron Dauphin, along with Rev. James Vijaykumar, were able to visit with her this past year. Thank you for your loving care of Devi and all the wonderful children at the Family Village Farm.
Nicki Behr, Director of Christian Education, Olmsted Community Church

From the Compstons, UK

We have been delighted with the personal way in which MBKG Pannai has kept us in touch with our sponsored child. We love receiving the drawings and photographs. It makes it so much easier to pray for and think about her. Furthermore the general letter with the more formal report is also very helpful. Well done indeed.
With all good wishes and blessings,
Christopher and Caroline