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Childrens Day
Childrens Day
Mr. A.P. Nandhakumar., M. L. A., - Annual Sports day 2016
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Student Strength

About Us

King’s Matriculation Higher secondary School was founded by Dr. Pauline E King in 1978 to provide physical, spiritual and educational guidance for the underprivileged and the needy. It was Dr. King’s vision that every child, no matter their financial situation, should be given the best possible opportunity in life to succeed. The sole purpose of the school was to meet the needs of the children residing at MBKG Pannai. But over time, there emerged a strong need to fulfill the educational needs of children from the surrounding villages. Most of these children come from economically and socially poor background and proudly become the first generation to attend a schooling institution.

The school was initially started as a primary one and gradually developed to secondary school. In the year 2012, the school was granted higher secondary status. The school with strength of 805 pupils is recognized by the Government of Tamil Nadu and is affiliated to the Directorate of Matriculation Schools and conducts classes from Kindergarten to 12th standard with English as the medium of instruction. The school’s resources and facilities are some of the best in the area and even become better, thanks to the generosity of donors and sponsors.

The school has very good infrastructure with spacious class rooms with good lighting and ventilation. It consists of a well equipped computer lab with internet access, science labs, library and a vast play field for sports. Also, the school has a covered lunch shed where students eat safely without the disturbance of stray dogs. In order to accommodate higher secondary classes, a two story new wing was constructed with six class rooms at each level.

The school is headed by the secretary of MBKG Pannai and the correspondent of the school. Everyday activities are over seen by the principal and the vice principals. There is an experienced faculty for all subjects. The school provides transportation facilities for the students with four buses operating in different directions. Also, the school runs a free lunch programme funded by donations for the poor students. The management and the faculty are committed to developing individual excellence and leadership traits from an early age. Thanks to donors, sponsors and well-wishers for their generous support to this great learning environment.


Day Student Support Programme

Day Student Support programme was started in 2008 to support poor children from the surrounding villages. Children from 42 villages around Kasam study at King’s school. These children come from a very low socio economic background, most of them being first generation learners. Their parents are landless laborers who work for land owners for meager daily wages. They completely rely on their small income for survival and many days go without wages because of drought due to failed monsoon.

Initially, these children were supported by an international organization that stopped its support and with no other option, the students had to drop out of school. At this juncture, the school management approached Global Ministries of USA for support and thus evolved the day student support programme. 85 poor students were identified and enrolled to this programme. As the strength of the school increases more day students need support for their education. Supporting a day student for a year would cost Rupees 18,000 / US Dollars 320 / Pounds 200.

Free Lunch Programme

Lunch Program was started during 2008- 2009
The call of the need was taken up to cease the hunger of the poor students during school hours. Many of these poor students from surrounding villages came to school without lunch. Accordingly, forty nine students were identified and are now being provided a nutritious meal every school day. This programme is funded by generous people who have visited the school.