Dr. Pauline E. King came to India as a medical missionary in 1955 with what today is the United Church of Christ/Global Ministries. In 1969 she founded the Family Village Farm a living community for orphans, elderly and the destitute. Born in Hillsdale, Pennsylvania, on June 4, 1917, Pauline King was the youngest of four children. Her parents belonged to the Evangelical and Reformed Church (now a part of the United Church of Christ), where at the age of five she heard a missionary doctor describe his work in Africa. He told stories and showed pictures about children suffering from malnutrition and disease, and he explained how he was able to help them. From that moment on, King was determined to be a missionary and help people, especially children, in lands across the sea.

A missionary and public health educator in post-war India, her philosophy was, “I may not be able to do much, but I can do something. And, if I do what I can, maybe others will help.” It was with that thought in mind that she took in her first destitute family and began changing the lives of thousands without hope through (MBKG Pannai) the Family Village Farm.

Ms. King worked for many years as a professor and public health nurse at the Christian Medical College and Hospital in Vellore and she managed the Family Village Farm until her retirement in 1988. In 1979, Ms. King was honored with the President’s Award for meritorious service to the community, one of the highest honors bestowed to India’s citizens.

We celebrate her great life and her 37 glorious years of service to the society as Founders Day on her birthday 4th June.
The Home is designed to encompass all aspects of a child’s life, including education. Its mission is “the translation of the love of God in action by providing a healthy environment in which the physically, socially and spiritually deprived may find new life and hope for the future.”

The objective of Family Village Farm is to provide a home for the homeless and thereby to enable the orphans, destitute and deserted to help each other as well as to utilize the opportunities we provide them for their betterment. The FVF comprises of “cottages” each housing a family and catering to the needs of three generations. Each cottage has an elderly male or female, a destitute woman who plays the role of a mother and 10 to 12 children.

The work of FVF is going on, thanks to the donations obtained from various foreign sources. There are various supporting units (Garment Making Unit and Bakery) that help us to generate funds and give vocational training to the children. As the guiding principle is to share the love and bounty of God with the deprived and the underprivileged, FVF has lived up to its high ideals and objectives for forty four years . The FVF has proved to be a reliable heaven for many a broken heart resulting from broken homes and will continue to be so with the passage of time.



The functioning of MBKG Pannai is managed by board comprising of members nominated from Christian Medical College & Hospital and St. John’s Church. The Vice-Chairman is the General Superintendent, CMCH. Treasurer is a nominee from the Accounts Department; the Secretary is a nominee from St. John’s Church. Heads of a few Departments of CMC are ex-officio members of our society. The ex-officio Chairman being the Bishop of the Vellore Diocese of the Church of South India.