The objective of FVF is to provide a home for the homeless and thereby to enable the orphans, destitute and deserted to help each other as well as to utilize the opportunities we provide them for their betterment.

The FVF comprises of “cottages” each housing a family and catering to the needs of three generations. Each cottage has two older females or a couple, a destitute woman who plays the role of a mother and 10 to 12 children.

At present there are 10 older people out of which there is one couple and the rest are widows deserted by their families. Their age ranges from 65 years to 89 years. Their food, accommodation and medical care are provided free of cost and they are given a pocket money of three dollars a month. Their spiritual needs are met by regular prayer meetings by visiting ministers, Sunday services and daily worship time. Their medical needs are met by regular medical checkups at Christian Medical College& Hospital. Also, the residential nurse visits them regularly to enquire about their health status and maintains a register.

Grandparents spend their leisure time by reading books, watching spiritual programs at the recreation room, telling stories to children and helping in the kitchen with cutting vegetables. They are taken out for a picnic biannually and are permitted to visit their relatives on special occasions. They are given new clothes on festival times. A personal file is maintained for each grandparent and a general meeting is held periodically to hear their feedback and complaints. In addition to all this, FVF carries out funeral rituals in the event of their death with all due respect.

In general, these older people after going through difficult times in their lives find solace at FVF. They become happy and healthy and they spare much time for the spiritual aspects. It’s a common site to see some grandmothers enjoying the swing with the children at the play area. Although they miss their children and relatives, they are happy because they say that they are more loved and cared for here.

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