The MBKG Pannai family consists of children from the age of 0 yrs to 21 yrs, house mothers and grandparents. It’s indeed a family setup…

We provide food, clothing, accommodation, Education and Medical care for the children, mothers and grandparents. We bring up children in a family set up inculcating family values, showing them the love that they failed to receive from their own families, teaching them to value relationships and making them worthwhile individuals in the society.

Many helpless and deserted children are brought to the MBKG Pannai which readily takes in infants either four or under four years of age. Around 5 children are looked after by a mother in the nursery (till the age of 5) and later by a mother in the cottage (from 5 year onwards). In all there are 184 children and 15 mothers living in the eight rooms in the Nursery and eight cottages. Apart from these we have 18 aged people staying as grandparents in the cottages. The boys who cross ten years of age are made to stay in the Boys’ Hostel. The three areas of Nursery, Cottage and Boys’ Hostel are supervised by a Warden each.

Children who are identified as differently abled at a later stage of their growth and development are sent to “Pathway” a school for children with special needs at Chennai. These children visit MBKG Pannai during summer holidays. At present, there are 4 children with various levels of Mental Retardation at ‘Pathway’.

Children are educated at King’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School from Kindergarten to 12th standard. For higher studies children are sent to other institutions. We enroll them into a job oriented professional/vocational training courses depending on their ambition, exam score, availability of seat in the colleges, and of course the cost.

Many of our children have completed professional courses such as Engineering, Nursing, Medical Laboratory technician, Radiography etc form reputed institution. Others have done vocational training for female children like Secretarial practices, Tailoring, Nurse Aid and for male children Industrial Training courses such as Electrician and Welder/Fitter.

Once the children are employed they are sent back to their families nevertheless orphans are assisted in getting married and helped in settling down.