In India children complete school education at 18 years of age. After this children go for higher studies such as an university (Diploma/Degree) programme.
Children at MBKG Pannai are enrolled into higher studies depending on various factors such as Exam Score, Interest, and availability of funds.

Children enrolled into Professional courses (Medical) like Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technician, Radiotherapy and Engineering. Male children who do not perform well in studies are sent to job oriented Industrial training courses such as Carpentry, Welding & Fitting/Electrician. Girls are sent for multipurpose health worker course, Secretarial Practices and Tailoring.

Your donation will be used for 10 of our children who are doing professional and vocational training courses at various esteemed institutions. Many of our home children have completed their courses and have started working. Without the generous support from our donors like you it may not have been possible for these children achieve that they have so far.

The cost of higher studies has increased significantly and it has become a continuous challenge for us in meeting this need. Your support will enable us to help the children become qualified and independent as individuals with self esteem in the society.

No child is sent away or discharged from the orphanage without being equipped with a skill in their hand to support themselves and their families.

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